Cash budget envelopes for your planner

Good evening! This morning I shared with you a pic of the envelopes I created to help me budget my spending on things like gas and groceieres. I was inspired after seeing Rielplannerlove’s post on Instagram. She decorated mailing envelopes with a few different stamp sets including one of our best seller “Coffee break” set. I decided to create my own manila style envelopes using some cardstock I had. I created my own because 1. I didn’t have mailing envelopes, 2. I love the manila style and 3. I wanted it to be the same size as the color crush planner pages. 

First step is to cut down your paper to an 8 by 7.75 (the paper I used is not as thick as cardstock because I didn’t want it to be too bulky)

I score the 8 inch side on the 2 inch and 5.75 inch mark

Turn the sheet and score at half an inch on both sides 


Fold the scored lines   

Cut off the four corners with your scissors 


You can either round the corners with your scissors or use a corner punch 


Add double sided adhesive to one side. The tape I have was too wide so I had to trim it. 

Add double sided tape to one end of the envelope 

And then punch your holes  

And that’s how I make my own personal planner size Manila cash budget envelopes. Would love to know what you think or any budget tips you may have. Comment below. Thanks for stopping by and happy planning! 



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