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Welcome to V’s Sweet Ideas – Photopolymer clear stamps and sweet crafting supplies. Our goal is to provide unique craft supplies from other small businesses as myself. Our products come from others like yourself who turn their visions into reality and give their 100% to provide us with outstanding one-of-a-kind goods.

I first made a blog because I wanted to share with others my passion for crafting. I began to realize my local craft store did not always have the newest craft supplies available. I began my research for trending craft supplies and that’s how V’s Sweet Ideas began to grow into a craft supply store.

I started crafting at a very young age. I first became obsessed with craft paper when my cousin had given me some colored tissue wrapping paper to keep me entertained while I waited for her dance lesson to end.

Ever since then I have been  crafting away. In high school I had taken four years of art class when only half a year was required. I entered many contest including one at the Brooklyn Museum of Art where I won 2nd prize. I was also provided the opportunity to study figure drawing at Adelphi University. My classmate and I were chosen out of the entire senior class to participate in a free ten-week seminar available to artistic seniors. As much as I love art I also loved accounting. I attended LaGuardia Community college where I earned an Associates in Business Management and then Queens College to earn my Bachelor’s in Accounting.  I am currently attending graduate courses part time and working full-time. My life has also been blessed with my wonderful 7yr old and 18months old boys and my husband who has always supported me in all my late night craft projects and making daily stops with me at my favorite craft store.

However, despite my aspirations of becoming an accountant. I’ve always loved crafting, whether it’s making personalized cards, crocheting, or anything creative at that.


Click Here to see my art work of figure drawing

Click Here to see an art work of mine I did in high school

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