Practicing my Caligraphy 

Good afternoon! Today I just wanted to brief you on how my calligraphy lessons are going. If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen my post here and there of my calligraphy practicing and today I told myself I need to step up my game. 

I found a practice line sheet template online and printed out few. I went with my tombow abt N15 marker because I love the soft brush. I decided I needed to practice my alphabet before i practice writing words  

I took my pen and some practice sheets to work and try to fit in a min here and there writing my letters. I found I have a heavy hand and have to train myself to pick up the pen quicker. I also have a hard time with the k’s. But I know if I keep practicing I’ll get better and better. 

 Would love to know any tips you may have . Comment below and thanks for stopping by!

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