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Baby Shower Favors and Diaper cake setup for the party!

Last night I finished the last of the favors for a baby shower. I really loved how everything came out. I didn’t go to set up the favors at the shower but my brother’s girlfriend, Maribel did an awesome job. I want to thank her for referring me to her cousin and for also helping me out. Email me with any questions you may have at Vanessa@vssweetideas.com


Baby shower favors and diaper cake

Here are some favors for a baby shower that I am doing. I also made a diaper cake. The mother to be wanted to stay away from the traditional all pink for a baby girl so she asked if I can use brown and green and just a little of pink. Also not included in the photos below will be onesie cookies that I will be baking. But that I will post the day before the baby shower.