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Meet Little Guy…

Little Guy

Meet Little Guy, our betta fish. So today we accompanied my dad to the pet store to pick up some crickets for my brothers reptiles. Now, we had a few fish but our last one died a few days ago and my son has been begging me for another fish. So while in the pet store my son gave grandpa the whole ” grandpa, my fish died and I don’t have fish anymore” story so my dad gave in and bought him the betta. Being that my son’s fav color is blue  he chose the blue one. As soon as we got home we put him into the betta tank we already had and I had to teach him how to feed the betta so that he doesn’t over feed him. But we are very excited to have Little Guy.

watching Little Guy eat up close

So happy!

After making Little Guy feel at home we just felt like snapping away

Little Photographer

Mama Photographer