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Helli crafters! I am late on this posting as it was suppose to be up monday but life happenes. Well my good friend and DT member Lisa Lahiff, has chosen me to take part in the Unqie Blog hop. I never heard of it until now and I am honored that she has chosen me. Lisa is super talented and so creative. Lisa, after reading your post I realized how much we are so alike!  You should definitly check her out by clicking here.

What I love about this blog hop is the things you learn about the crafters you love and follow. It’s a great way to get inspired and support your fellow crafters.

Question part of the blog hop:

1.What projects are you currently working on? Well right now I’m working on holiday cards. I purchased two new holiday stsmp sets and can’t wait to use them. I am also working on coloring an image using my copics. I was reminded why Ibarely color any more and it’s cause it takes a long time especially if your like me and never satisfied with how your coloring comes out.

2.What inspires your designs? All the different crafters I have seen on Instagram and craft nlogs inspire my designs. When I get an idea I run to my craft table and get straight to work and I don’t stop till I’m done even if it’s the middle of the night.

2.If you had to define your design style, what would it be? My design style is everything and anything. Since I own an online craft store I tend to design all different types of design for my different customers. What I can tell you is the styles I do like. I have always loved shabby chic designs like Melissa’s from LilyBeanPaperie. I love her projects and everything about them. That is probably my fave style yet I have a hard time making that style project. I also love a CAS designs. I love the clean look.

A Shabby Chic card I attempted to create.
photo 4june


3.What does your craft area look like?

my craft area is in the baby room/Evan’s craft room/ hubby’s excerise room. Hehe. I have a tiny corner and piles and piles of supplies all over the place. My tabletop is also overflowing but I try to mantain it so that I have space to work on. I also use the table for my sewing projects so it can get a bit messy.

4.How does your writing /creative process work?

Well instagram and Pinterest definitly help with the creative process. Also watching YouTube videos of all the new techniques also helps. For example. I have a new stamp set I received and I am dying to use it but I just can’t think of what I want to do with it so I will usually watch a few videos until my creative mojo decides to join me. Then I do a mental check of whether I have the supplies to create the project I want to do and get started right away before my mojo decides to leave.

5.What three crafty products can you not live without? Hmmm this is tough. Well I definitly need my paper trimmer because I can’t cut a straight line if my life depended on it. I would definitely need my glue tape runner and it’s hard to choose my last product but I would have to say it would be my copic markers.

Well hope you enjoyed reading alittle about me and I thank you for stopping by. I really enjoyed sharing and I thank Lisa for choosing me.

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